How to use your new feather duster

How to use a feather duster

Do feather dusters really work? Do they seem to stir up more dust than anything else? If so, then read on, and we’ll let you in on what it takes to dust effectively.

Firstly, forget about those cheap synthetic dusters, they don’t work.

To avoid just stirring up the dust, it is essential you use the right technique. Pull the feathers along the dusty surface, using a steady, even stroke, dust is attracted to the feathers by static electricity. Shake out accumulated dust from the feathers by tapping the duster against your shoe every once in a while. The dust will fall to the floor, where you can later vacuum it away.

Feather dusters work well only when used to maintain a basically clean home. If your home hasn’t been dusted in a while, you must remove the accumulated dust with a vacuum or by wet-cleaning with a cloth.