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Every home, business and building needs a good duster. But which one is the best for your purpose? There are many different types of dusters, and each has its own pros and cons. A feather duster can be used to remove dust from delicate surfaces that may not withstand other materials. However, they do not get into corners or deep crevices as well because the fluffy feathers do not have enough stiffness to handle these areas very well.

While a traditional wool duster is excellent at getting into tight spots and removing cobwebs, this type of duster should never be used on anything but dry surfaces because it leaves behind residue that sticks to furniture like velcro (gross).

So, which is the best duster for…. THAT is the question we are always asked. And with such a large choice of dusters we completely understand why. There are some things you need to consider to select the best type of duster for your type of dusting. So let’s get started and help you discover which is the best duster for… you!







A feather duster is best for hard to reach places (like the ceiling) and surfaces that are dusty but not too dirty. Light dust is attracted to the feathers by static electricity lifting it from the surface onto the duster head. They are ideal for maintaining a generally clean home.

A wool duster is ideal for dusting furniture, bookshelves, lamp shades or anything else with a light layer of dirt on it. Keep in mind though that a wool duster is best used on sturdy items. If you have delicate, ornamental items then a cloth or a delicate feather duster is better suited. Wool dusters also suit heavier items like mirrors or glass doors. Lambswool is made up of fibres and lanolin, which again uses static electricity to collect dust.

For the best effect, in both the feather and wool duster, roll the duster hand between your hands before use. This separates the fibres of the duster head and generates the static electricity.



If you’re looking for a duster to clean precious and delicate homeware items – like vases, bric-a-brac, trophies and self-standing photo frames then look no further than the Soft Floss Ostrich Feather duster.

These gorgeous gentle dusters are going to get the job done without a scratch and you’ll look good while doing it! The soft floss feathers are fine and delicate making them a lighter weight duster head which is the better option when used on delicate and breakable objects, reducing the chance of damaging or breaking your valuable keepsakes.

Here’s a little secret – The dusters made from the soft floss African Ostrich feathers are so beautiful that many of our buyers use them as home décor displays (yes even between dusting) and they are also purchased for wedding table centrepieces!



No more standing on wobbly chairs to dust high ceilings, fans or the top of your bookshelf. Stay safe while keeping the dust at bay with our range of extendable dusters.

These very handy dusters come in a range of different sizes and you can choose from a lambswool heavy duty to a soft floss (see the fragile dusting description above) for those higher delicate items. Some of these clever dusters have two or three extendable sizes, which means you can dust down low and dust up high. Winning!



No doubt about it, investing in a good quality car duster will save you time, a build up of pollen and dust in your car vents (which can affect its performance) and keep your car looking shiny and clean!

During that ‘in-between a wash’ stage a lambswool duster is your go-to for the bonnet and outer body of your vehicle. There are some fantastic dusters on the market that are perfect for this job featuring shorter handles and long quality wool heads. The static electricity lifts the dust off the car surface. Large, thick feather dusters with short handles will suit your dashboard cleaning needs and are also fantastic for external dry car dusting. No water required (it is NOT recommended to use water with the duster)!

Recommended CAR DUSTERS:


Yes, that’s right! Dusting products can make a fantastic and out of the box thinking gift idea. Have you heard of the My Little Helper range yet? These cute sets come with a large (adult) sized duster and a mini duster for the little helper in your family. They make fantastic Birthday, Mothers and Fathers day pressies or even a Christmas gift idea for Nan and Grandpa.

Montessori inspired, these toy sets can encourage an early understanding of the importance of helping out around the house while developing coordination and fine motor skills in young children. They are a great way to include your kiddies in the daily chores routine and have some fun while doing it! And we have in-office testimony – that if you include your little ones in general house cleaning while young they are MORE LIKELY to keep doing this in their TEEN YEARS. So start early with our cutie patootie My Little Helper duster range.

With feather art trending what better gift idea than a display feather duster!? These beautiful bunched feathers come with a small wooden handle, designed to easily be placed in your favourite vase and then displayed in your home for that wow factor!


Happy Dusting!

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