Your Bulk Buying Feather Guide

Increase Your Profits and Minimise Headaches With a Quality Supplier

Are you one of the many small businesses currently struggling to purchase quality feather stock? And are you enduring a lengthy and unreliable wait for goods with shipping fees through the roof!? These issues can leave your shelves empty and drive customers to purchase from your competitors. So it might be time to look for a local solution…

Finding a reliable feather supplier for your business is essential to success. Forming a strong relationship with your wholesaler will help bring flexibility, better payment terms and peace of mind which is what good business is all about! There are many feather distributors in Australia that offer more realistic shipping dates and give you the option to purchase first, second and even third grade feather stock.

The Australian Duster & Feather Superstore is one of the leading feather distributors in Australia. A family run business since 1990, they have well established connections with the African feather industry. These connections ensure quality feathers. What’s more, all feathers from this Superstore are personally graded by the CEO, Norm Goward. With customer service second to none, you know what your getting and can be confident in your purchase!

The Australian Duster & Feather Superstore sells a large range of Ostrich feather varieties including DRABS, BLONDENES and stunning WING PLUMES. The fact that the feathers are individually graded means special pricing is available on all second and third grade feathers. BULK BUY prices are also offered for those larger purchases. Lower graded feathers or FEATHER SECONDS are often popular with costume designers, make fantastic fillers in feather displays for weddings or eye catching decorations for any celebration. Perfect when first grade feathers are not required.

Get in touch today to find out more. Contact Norm Goward at to discuss all of your feather BULK BUY needs.