Taylor Alexy | 21 December 2023

wool duster and dog

5 star reviews

Great quality. I am glad I found this company. The wool is quality, no shedding & the wood handle is sturdy. It is also very aesthetically pleasing (just like the feather duster I purchased from same company), making it both functional & decorative. It has a timelessness to it in terms of functionality, quality & appearance. It works great so far at picking up dust! I use it on my taller- harder to reach areas because I bought the wool duster with a longer handle. I dusted the entire large BLACK hutch in seconds. Prior to finding the feather duster I bought from this company I hadn’t heard of wool dusters. So glad I did, I love it as much as the feather duster. Did I need both? Probably not but they are just neat, had to have both. 🤎