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We are one of the LEADING Ostrich feather and duster distributors in Australia, with well established connections to the African feather industry. We pride ourselves on the IMPECCABLE QUALITY of our beautiful feathers!


We know many small businesses are struggling to purchase quality feather stock at the moment. These businesses are enduring terrible shipping fees, stock quality issues and waiting months for that much needed feather stock!


The Australian Feather and Duster Superstore have an enormous stock of feathers right here in Australia! Our stock includes PREMIUM QUALITY FEATHERS and FACTORY FEATHER SECONDS at bulk buying discount/ wholesale prices.

Wedding bouquets, table centrepieces, macramé dreamcatchers, dried flower arrangements and rustic boho wreaths – that’s where our first and second grade Ostrich feathers are growing in popularity.

Artisans and creators of dance costumes, catwalk angel wings and beautiful burlesque wear, are also regular buyers of our stunning feathers. Natural and dyed. If you supply craft items to the creatives in your community, then you will find our exquisite range of feathers a wonderful addition to your store!


Our beautiful grey Drab Ostrich Feathers as a display – United Kingdom.

The Australian Duster and Feather Superstore is a family run company in Jimboomba, Queensland.

We import these magical must-have Ostrich Feathers directly from South Africa, and offer first and second graded feathers.

We also sell premium Australian lambswool dusters and feather dusters which we manufacture here in Queensland.

All of this means you can order BULK at a low volume and receive them quickly. We pride ourselves on the impeccable quality of our feathers. It’s that easy.

Stunning costumes with Ostrich Wing Plumes – QLD, Australia