Natural Floss Feather Duster Duo


We are combining 2 of our most popular duster models to create the perfect duster duo for your home and general purpose cleaning. Both made from genuine Ostrich feathers to effectively lift and remove dust.

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The small soft floss duster is our newest addition to the family, and has already proven a winner! The soft, first grade feathers make it ideal for delicate dusting and cleaning around knick knacks, TV screens, anything within easy reach. While the 60cm soft floss with its robust 40gram feather head extends your duster reach further.

Letter Box Duster

  • 30 gram
  • First Grade, Silver Floss Grey Ostrich feather duster
  • 35cm overall length
  • small wood shaped gloss handle
  • leather ferrule and leather thonging

Soft floss ostrich feather duster – 600mm overall length

Featuring a first grade 40 gram feather head, with soft floss silver grey ostrich feathers.

Ostrich feather dusters have natural electrostatic properties that attract dust and trap it for a thorough clean. Gentle on furnishings and delicate surfaces around your home or office.

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