Ostrich Wing Feather Plumes 50cm-55cm (20-22”) – Dusty Pink


See our FEATHER COLOUR CHART for pantone colour reference.


Wing Plume Ostrich Feathers 50cm – 55cm

These stunning wing feathers are full and fluffy. They are also the longest of all the Ostrich feather types. Used for weddings, Mardi gras, carnivals, runway, costumes and even Hollywood movie sets. That’s right, our feathers are famous!

1st Grade

1st grade feathers are the créme de la créme. They are stunningly beautiful and perfect.

2nd Grade

2nd grade feathers, whilst still beautiful come at a discounted price due to feather imperfections. They can be misshapen or have some minor feather part missing or the hurl can be thin in some parts. They make fantastic fillers in feather displays for weddings or eye catching decorations for any celebration and where feathers may be trimmed for millinery, craft work, costumes or where first grade feathers are not required.

Feather Grading

All feathers available from our store are personally graded by Norm before dispatch, ensuring what you order is what you get. 2nd grade and often 3rd grade feathers can be used as fillers to increase the volume of your display, whilst showing 1st grade feathers on the outside for maximum effect.

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